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When gay men waste time (theirs and others') indulging in stereotypically gay pursuits (e.g., gossiping, backbiting, cattiness, calling each other "girl!") while trying to make a decision.
Let's just find another parking spot--those scene queens are just lollyfagging by their Cabrio!
#gay #dawdle #fag #scene queen #waste time #lollygag #homo #queer
by Michael Egan July 08, 2006
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The act of lighting a ciggarette and/or smoking it in order to distract yourself from current events or simply keep your hands busy. This is often an impulsive action.
Jose: Ayo, what's taking the bus so long?

Rob: I don't know, but how about lolly fagging while we wait? No homo.
#smoke #toc #chill #have gay sex #play super smash bros.
by Silvano M. January 20, 2009
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