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1.)a person or thing that is mean spirited, vile, venom filled yet pitiable and pitiful, one who pounces on anything or anyone not meeting their impossibly asinine standards with sophmoric and moronic prerehearsed insults 2.) one who cannot or will not let go of past indiscretions, babbles on endlessly of things years since past 3.)a man of unfortunate facial features sometimes missidentified as a woman 4.) a terd
i had to go to the loo and drop a lolly that was remarkably lolly looking
by hacked February 10, 2005
22 34
Australian version of candy.
Therefore also used to mean an ecstacy tablet (which is sometimes called candy).
"You fellas right for lollies?"
"Do u want to buy any ecstacy?"
by Diego November 08, 2003
110 50
Australian, n, sweets; candy; confectionery;
I gave her flowers and lollies like a real gentleman. She still wouldnt put out though.
by herbie August 31, 2004
69 16
a blowjob, sucking dicks
Barry the Baptist: Hello son, would you like a lolly? - Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
by hafriz October 25, 2006
120 70
another word for a friend, pal, chum, etc.
"Lolly, would you mind if i borrowed this?"
by Jameeeeeson February 09, 2007
59 30
slang term for money, cold hard cash.
"how 'bout a lil lolly." - Charlie
"and what may i ask is lolly" - Eglantine
"cash, cold hard chash" - Charlie
by Jakke July 09, 2005
76 48
1) Australian for "candy"

2) A quality of music, that is soft, catchy, bright, upbeat etc. sugar-y music.
1) Mum can I have a lolly.

2) This songs pretty lolly, but i dont mind it still.
by xxoo May 14, 2003
46 19
The drug Extacy
Gonna score some lollies then head over to this rave
by ravedude34 February 23, 2010
16 6