laughing so hard u might as well cream ur pants
person1 "im not gay"
person2"tell that to ur asshole"
by twitchdbm August 27, 2007
Top Definition
the climax of a lollified experience
right around "then he popped out of the bushes and was like HEADSHOT!" is when I achieved lolgasm.
by joenajoejacksonsmithers May 29, 2004
It is to laugh so much you orgasm.
Whats that mess over my new carpet?
John just had lolgasms.
by TheKingOfThisWord January 28, 2009
a "gasm" of "lol"

laughing uncontrollably. succumbing to a 'lolgasm'
the climaxing point of an enourmous laugh.

"susie saw bobby's face and had a lolgasm"

"emg. dude. LOLGASM at your face :)"
by mandaaaaa<3 May 24, 2008
an abrupt fit of laughing, usually involuntary
"OMG that was so funny i might have a LOLgasm"
by big_ben100 July 28, 2009
A lolgasm is where you are laughing so hard you just can't stop.
lolgasm = a laughing orgasm
used more so between mates.
person1: "man she was laughing so hard she had a lolgasm!"
person2: "true?, lolk"
person2: "whoa i just had the biggest lolgasm!"
person1: "lolk, what was so funny?"
by Elle & Tristan (The Final Degree) November 26, 2007
the act of laughing so hard you can no longer breathe and have pain in your chest from laughing that hard, similar to the gigglegasm but on a larger scale
Haha, I just lolgasmed when I found out about that prank you pulled
by gigglemastah134 July 21, 2010
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