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your self-validating response following up your email/text reader's acknowledgment of the humor or absurdity of your initial observation/statement.
You: Cheryl bought another sweater for her poodle.
Friend: What a whack job.
You: lol right?
by KM settin it straight April 23, 2010
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Pronounced "lawl-rite" lolright is a combination of the acronym, lol and the word, alright.
Basically, lolright means, "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, okay."
So, YOU are going to try to get with the cutest girl in school?

Lolright, go for it.
by Jymothy W. Streat April 04, 2010
12 6
1. Declaring that something is funny and asking if others agree with you. Usually used in a sarcastic or obvious manner.
Check out that duck taking a shit. lol, right?
by huxtible jones May 11, 2005
2294 6300