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A real nigga who goes ham. Someone who is going hard.
Wow, I'm gonna loke dawg this kid.
Alright, loke dawging.
This kid is taking the hot loke dawg.
Fuck, i just got loke dawgd.
by Thugjuice November 20, 2013
local badass
Dude's a lokedawg.
by lokedawg February 06, 2011
When you are just too cool for your own good. You act really swaggy, but you're still chill. You loke a lot of things, and you never admit that loke isn't a word. Basically, you have to be the coolest kid on the block. Never, ever mistake the spelling of lokedawg for lokedog.
"Oh my gosh, do you see him? He's such a jerk."
"Dude. Respect him. He's a lokedawg."

"I know I'm a lokedawg bro, but I just had to get my feelings out."
"It's okay bruther, you're still fresh, dope, and a lokedawg. Life will go on."
by enshalladaas July 23, 2015

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