A massive quantity of poop that blocks the toilet. It can be from more than one person.
Larry took such a big poop that it created a log jam in the toilet that required a plunger to clear it out.
by SWO October 16, 2006
When having anal sex and the dick gets stuck in the ass.
Rob was giving me anal and got a total log jam... it sucked:(
by Luke mafuckin B March 21, 2008
the act of having a penis in both the ass and vagina and having the both cocks being stuck inside at once or one cock forcing the other or denying entry
I couldn't get my cock in her ass because of the log jam in her vag
by kwigibo June 27, 2007
When having sex with a chick and she starts taking a shit, you stick your dick in her ass, creating a log-jam
"I was banging some chick last night and she started to take a dump, so I had to give her the log jam"
by sascode November 10, 2005
When your trying to poop and it gets stuck in the hole. (Constipation)
"I tried to let 'er go but i had a log jam"
by jordan b November 19, 2003
When a dude with a huge cock tries to fuck a virgin pussy, his cock (log) gets stuck
MOCO doesn't want a log jam so he avoids fucking virgins.
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
When a Group of black men have sex with a white woman at the same time
Shit, i couldn't see the woman on the bed because of the log jam Occuring
by The Ploughman July 14, 2008

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