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1) a really stupid person.
2) The head of a turtle
He's a loggerhead this morning
by EJ March 04, 2005
A gigantic turd left in the toilet.
Whoever left the loggerhead in here, needs to learn the meaning of flush!
by Barbie2277 October 11, 2005
To curl out a turd (or a 'log' as it's sometimes known) on an unsuspecting victim's head. The loggerhead is best achieved when said victim is asleep.
''While sandra was asleep, her boyfriend Joe, did gone and gave her a big ol' loggerhead.''

''What's a loggerhead?''

''I'm glad you asked. It's basically shitting on someones forehead''

''Well this has been educational. Thanks!''

''You're extremely welcome, Betty.''


''God, Sandra is such a cunt sometimes!''

''I agree, Joe. Shall we give her a loggerhead as punishment?''

''Yes. Then we should steal from her.''
by dontuseyourrealnamejeff February 12, 2013