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When a person takes a crap and the water from the toilet splashes up onto the buttocks. Thus, it is like a "log ride" at an amusement park in that the "log" goes down into the water and you get splashed.
"I didn't enjoy my last crap because I got a log ride."
by Bukambok May 07, 2006
when a guy cums on someone's chest then shits on the jizz and watches it slide down.
damn she is sexy; she looks like she would enjoy the log ride.
by deseanj January 24, 2011
A true log ride is this:
First you take a huge shit
Then, while giving your bitch a swirly, you nail her in the ass
Nail her in the ass until she shits.
I gave that bitch a nasty ass log ride
by Don696969 March 19, 2008
The extension of a blumpy where you are taking a shit with a girl sitting on your boner, having a great ride!!
Hey baby. Before I finish this shit, stop the blumpy and hop on board for a log ride!!!
by Biff J Kowalski July 14, 2010
A Log Ride (sexual position) is when one person deficates (takes a shit) on another persons chest while in the sitting up position, then urinates (pisses) on them just above where they deficated. This reuslts in the feces (the shit, a.k.a. log) riding down the stream of urine (piss) to their stomache or further, much like a log going downstream.
"Chris said his wife let him give her a log ride the other night! That's were that stain on the carpet must have come from...."
by The Second-Hand Condom Man February 09, 2010
the act of passing feces into another's asshole, and having them return the favor. Can be repeated
We practiced the log ride for fifteen minutes.
by BUCKYBABE January 04, 2007
Fucking a chick with a frozen piece of shit approximately 10.72 inches long and 2.44 inches in diameter.
I gave your mom a log ride last night. Then I beat the fuck out of her.
by Rev. Reggie Dingleberry August 20, 2004
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