verb adopted from football commentary in the British Isles, but made more flexible in order to encompass the following meanings:
1. to hoist
2. to proceed
3. to give
4. to penetrate
1. Rory Delap lofts a foreboding long throw towards the opposition's penalty area

2. Let's loft into town for a shot of Chartreuse before the pubs close

3. Loft over my boxers there like a good man

4. I wouldn't half loft it into that young one

by rossi85 November 06, 2008
vagina; cooter; a place that one enjoys getting all up in
damn, i'd love to redecorate the inside of her loft!
by Brittle Johnson April 06, 2011
To leave something behind, which then becomes lost
I didn't lose my brush, I LOFT it
by Panda-wit-a-BR! November 02, 2010
an acronym for LOTS OF FUN TONIGHT

it is a promisary note of getting some somtime in the evening
"hey baby theres gonna be LOFT"

"mmhmmmmm you bet your sweet ass cowboy"
by Mackbar Bohinder Zaki April 17, 2008
THE greatest HALF LIFE COUNTER STRIKE player that you will ever know about.

you will never be as good as loft!

loft! is the greatest
by ATN February 14, 2004
chill, sexy, cool, hep

started by rachel and ohav of da 510, reprizzent
damn look at that playa, he is so loft!

hey that party was so loft, good times.
by rachel and ohav April 29, 2005
lust, to have strong feelings of sexual desire towards a member of the opposite sex
damn do i loft that hot blonde
by poly playa March 09, 2004

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