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Low information, most commonly used in the phrase, "low-information voter." Used to describe a person that is manifestly uninformed, ill-informed, brainwashed, unable to think long-term or rationally, etc., and yet insists on screwing up the country by exercising his or her so-called "right to vote."

American pollster and political scientist Samuel Popkin coined the term "low-information" in 1991 when he used the phrase 'low-information signaling" in his book The Reasoning Voter: Communication and Persuasion in Presidential Campaigns.
Sam: Are you going to vote in the election tomorrow?

Harry: No way. What's the point? The polls are going to be swamped by lofos.

Sam: You're right. I guess I'll just watch The Voice. This country has gone to pot.
by retrocar66 March 13, 2013
Describes a document, blog or site that may have okay content but is screaming for some formatting or design.
That is some lo-fo webshite, there -- it looks like my grandma's lawn-sale ad.
by Sharawadgis November 18, 2010
Log off and fuck off. Indicating when its time to log off your computer and leave your workplace.
It's time to lofo.
What time are you going to lofo today?
Is it lofo time yet?
by The Lofo king August 20, 2012
LOFO- Lets Only Fuck Once
Boy: hey you down to lofo ?

Girl: sure why not yolo
by killabc April 28, 2012