A high school in Baltimore County that is full of closest lesbian soccer playing girls whos entire wardrobe consists of Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle and giant pearls. Girls who attend Loch Raven wish they could go to NDP or any other private school.
Too many to be revealed.
by papermaker February 19, 2005
Top Definition
A school filled with pot heads, thugs, jocks, and preps. Everyone goes around talking about one another and all the prep girls walk around in their ugly ass moccasin things and skirts...horrible! The school has gone completely downhill since the class of 2004 has left!!!
loch raven aka loch rumor
by yeah thats right April 05, 2005
School in Parkville, MD with many thug wannabees, with a very low IQ, usually smaller than the size of their shoe, that try to be hardcore while their parents pay for their expensive vehicles and comfortable lifestyle, most aren't cognizant of this fact though. Loch Raven is similar to that of the rest of Baltimore County.
I got to LR bro yo dog dizzle bizzle nizzle, i'm so white yo, but i drive a teg n i'm tha shit niggaaaaa.. momma gives me money bitch, i dun need a jizzob or and ejucashun bitch, imma schmoke nugz n be a thug ma whole life, rollin wit it G.
by [DrunkenBusDriver] February 29, 2004
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