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The best state in the nation, where everything is within walking distance, people are friendly and know how to drive, whilst tourists claim that we drive like "maniacs" because they just don't know any better. Home of several national parks and one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, and one of the most respected ivy league schools as well. Many criticize New Jersey because we love our state so much, and they're jealous that ours is one of the most educated and prosperous in the nation. New Jersey is a wonderful place to live with many attractions that are overlooked and the state as a whole is completely underestimated.
Fuckhead: Oh you're from JOISEY,heh heh he he hehehehe, what exit?!?!?!?!
Jerseyian: You're a sad sad person....
by [DrunkenBusDriver] February 29, 2004
lead singer of Everclear, and previously Easy Hoes, Colorfinger, and Shakin' Brave. He also does solo work with his other band members craig montoya and greg eklund
Art Alexakis is one of the best songwriters to ever live.
by [DrunkenBusDriver] February 29, 2004
Drummer for the band Everclear
Hello, my name is greg eklund, I am the drummer for Everclear
by [DrunkenBusDriver] February 29, 2004
School in Parkville, MD with many thug wannabees, with a very low IQ, usually smaller than the size of their shoe, that try to be hardcore while their parents pay for their expensive vehicles and comfortable lifestyle, most aren't cognizant of this fact though. Loch Raven is similar to that of the rest of Baltimore County.
I got to LR bro yo dog dizzle bizzle nizzle, i'm so white yo, but i drive a teg n i'm tha shit niggaaaaa.. momma gives me money bitch, i dun need a jizzob or and ejucashun bitch, imma schmoke nugz n be a thug ma whole life, rollin wit it G.
by [DrunkenBusDriver] February 29, 2004
Not New Jersey.
Yeah I'm from Shitcago. It's not anything like New Jersey... :(.

Tree, tree, farm, tree, cow, farm, farm, cow, corn,......corn...tree
by [DrunkenBusDriver] February 29, 2004
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