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Also called 'culinarians', food activists, ecogastronomists... and refers to culinazis who advocate traditional local food-harvesting/-making methods (ecogastronomy/ Slow Food/ cuisine de terroir...), in third world countries and other authentic 'food cultures'.
In a return to the early agricultural societies, these localvores offer to buy ethinc people's food stock and interfer with their simple agrarian lives, in what has been adeptly called culinary colonialism!
Localvores are a bunch of quacks: they turn a blind eye to the battle against the 'termination technology' of LMOs (living-modified organisms), GM food and the necrosceince of 'nutrigenomics' that the true activist fooderati warn one day might lead the Earth to 'mutation meltdown' from the ubiquitous 'gene smog' that's already choking our delicate, pristine environment.
by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007
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