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(n) A male who releases unusually large amounts of semen during ejaculation.
See Peter North.
In this movie, Sunrise Adams teams up with the loadmaster, Peter North.
by keyshaw May 12, 2004
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AWhan a guy can blow load after load and
Vicky's man David is a freak of nature, he's a real load master
by Double DD January 26, 2008
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the female; -a military cargo jet will have a person dedicated to calculating weight loads and space requirements for transportation of heavy, bulky objects. -the materials will be calculated for weight and 'processed' for delivery.

the female serves much the same function, absorbing, incubating, 'processing' and 'delivering' the 'load' of the male.
consequently, upon 'arrival'; more humans are in evidence after final 'journey' of the 'load'!!

some males could qualify as loadmaster too, but for more short length 'hops'!! and much shorter term load 'management'.
joe tag-teamed with that loadmaster, but made sure to slither into his 'propho', first!!

the loadmaster was 'processing' steve's DNA!!

kara favored lapping only, and had no loadmaster inclinations!!
by michael foolsley May 27, 2011
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