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Squirting semen from your dick
She slapped me for loading on her face, but it was the perfect way to break up with her.
by yep i said it November 09, 2011
pronounced: lo-ding

1. the single most excruciating word to the ears of computer owners
2. filling with some kind of cargo
3. receiving components of something desired
1. computer: "Whatever crap you want is still loading." me: "GAH!!"
2. We loaded that medium with some sort of cargo.
3. The 4-kb text file took longer than 10 seconds to load.
by Nuclear Tank Factory March 22, 2009
Process of a website appearing as visible on a computer screen.
Wait while the website is loading.
by Hercolena Oliver August 29, 2008
The acting of dropping a load, as in taking a dump.
I was sitting on the bowl loading
by lenshoesss June 02, 2012
Putting lubricant in the tip of a condom to increase the sensation during fucking.
If you're having safe sex and want it to feel better then you can't beat loading.
by Kinkystudent July 10, 2005