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1 : Smegma that collects around the head of an unwashed male genitalia.

2 : Something tacky but unashamedly cheerful and bouncy.

3 : What you say to get the little bastards to smile for their primary school photos.
1 : David really needs to shower more. He's got more cheese in his pants than a deli counter.

2 : Steps made music that was cheese.

3 : Say cheese!!!
by Kinkystudent September 04, 2005
A person who is too stingy or poor to pay for drinks in nightclubs so they proceed to drink the dregs of any drinks that are left unattended. They usually end up totally wasted by the end of the night, puking their guts up in the loos, because of all the different drinks they've consumed.
Ann is so poor that when she goes out she's a trawler.
by Kinkystudent July 10, 2005
Putting lubricant in the tip of a condom to increase the sensation during fucking.
If you're having safe sex and want it to feel better then you can't beat loading.
by Kinkystudent July 10, 2005
When one person shoots their load in a woman's pussy and then they, or another person, proceeds to go down on them and eat the cum.
Hey! I fucked your mum last night and then made your dad eat the creampie.
by Kinkystudent July 10, 2005
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