1) being abundant of or bountiful of money
2) the state of sexual intercourse in which the female is the source.
3) having large upper portion of the body
1) Damn, that chick is loaded!
2) Damn, that chick is loaded!
3) Damn, that chick is loaded!
by Danny the girl August 26, 2004
You are so high, all you can do is eat, and and watch T.V.
Man I was so loaded last nite, I couldn't even open my eyes!
by Jobey Kanobey April 22, 2009
as in stoned, high, drunk, juiced up, rat faced, shit faced rat arsed etc, but with drug ovetones
I got some xyz...let's get loaded
by ivan August 27, 2004
Meaning to have a lot of money; to be rich; rolling in it.
Kate : Hey Liz that posh toffs loaded
by Kitkat :-) August 29, 2004
The condition of being filthy rich; wealthy.
Bill Gates is loaded.
by Cherry August 29, 2004
extremely filthy rich...
Look at that fly white boy rollin in dat Hummer...Those rims be da bomb sauce, he must be loaded yo.
by SammyBoySwenda August 29, 2004
It can be used in past tense and present tense for all definitions. Loaded is a state of being.

English definition(s):
1.) When the ammunition container is filled.

Slang definitions(s):
2.) Rigged or fixed for cheating. Usually describes a pair of dice.
3.) Being in the state of Drunkenness.
4.) In the state of being high.
5.) Having a lot of money.
1.) The gun was loaded when I pulled the trigger.
2.) Hey, those dice are loaded!
3.) Oh man, Shelly is so loaded right now.
4.) See above.
5.) Look at all this loot. The owners must be loaded!
by Tom Saw ya May 30, 2009

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