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Useless substance stored inside the Male-Species.
It can also be found in many places inside girls. (mouths, ass, pussy)
I just blew my LOAD inside dat girl.
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
42 38
A huge overdue amount of cum that weighs down your balls and makes them ache blue
(In the pool)Baby no one can see us in the water. Rub your little bikini ass on my dick so I can blow this load..
by Erik da Red July 11, 2003
1234 222
1. semen
2. cum
3. love juice
4. jizz
5. a slut's toothpaste
"after I blew my nuts all over cassie, she blew me again and I thanked her by blowing my load all over her again"
by Phil February 27, 2004
748 185
a portion of cum
Just as she finished rolling the condom onto my dick I blew my load.
by John R. December 09, 2003
470 178
Ohh man i just blew my load in your mom's mouth.
by Alex February 24, 2003
379 199
n. the total amount of sperm ejaculated in one orgasm.
Just as Tyrone arched his back prepatory to cumming, Brie Ann deepthroated his dick causing his seed to be propelled directly into her stomach. After it was all over, she kissed him with no salty aftertaste or cum odor on her breath.
by Richard Black April 28, 2005
344 165
Jizz, ejaculate, cum
You are one LOAD your mother should have swallowed!!!
by GiL December 01, 2003
308 142
A portion of man juice.
He blew his load right into my face.
by blastmat January 28, 2003
195 95