n ever funkkin wayy mayn
hottt damn

its a new dae
by Rhonda aka Mrs. BAnks October 11, 2003
The next "real" lyricist since Pac...
Sexy, real, gifted...Enuff said...
by Natasha September 19, 2003
heavy- this means that if it's going to be something it's going to be gangsta, raw, real.
heavy spittin- this person is coming hard, gangsta. they to hot to handle.or they going hard with they lyrics.
by ms. banks June 20, 2004
when his album drops I'm sleeping outside of Sam Goody and purchase two copies of dat' nigga shit. March yall look out for ny man, Banks is on fiya!
"The only way I catch blueballs is if a bitch got blue lipstick"
by Andrew Johnson January 14, 2004
the realest one in g unit mAy i add though that he is the most sexiest also along the vet JAY and his partner in crime dame!!
fine ass man!!!!!!!!!!
fine,smart,lyrical,and looks the best out of ggg-unitnot including 50
lloydbanks becomes LloydBanks
by lilbabybanks September 25, 2004
One fine azz nigga who be ill azz fuck
One fine azz motha fucka
by Ma July 21, 2004

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