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OMG...R U SERIOUS?! SICKEST MC OUT THERE!! Lyrics of PAC, with the flows of BIGGIE!!!
"These Hoes want me to stop, and this is the worst part, I was born with this game, like BIRTHMARKS!"

"Cuz I been stuck on the road, every day KFC. As soon as I'm done, she on her knees ASAP!"

"I'm tired of u niggas wit ur maybe beef, we gon be here forever u temporary, like BABY TEETH!"

"I aint a wresteler, but I'll put u'r bitch in the BOSTON CRAB!"

"When I'm done with her, it'll look like she dove head first into COOL WHIP!"

"I never thought I'd bump into u, in another town. That's why I make sure I keep a pack of rubbers round!"
by Oz3 December 13, 2003

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