the typo of the ' :L ' emote on msn !
usually done when the person typing is not looking at the keys and their hand is slightly too much to the left when hitting the keys .
person 1: *says funny joke*
person 2: LKLKLKLK
person 1: what ?
person 2: sorry i ment to say :L:L:L:L
by skuxx :D January 10, 2010
LK can mean anything, bad-good things.
once you get to know LK, your life is complete.

LK = The World
Sebő: hey, ya know i just landed a 360 flip, eight bolts...
Balika: You're too big...
Sebőke: too big what?
Balika: LK.
by balika January 01, 2011
Hottest person on the web. Makes some nice graphics and is dutch. so he's the full package.
1.OMG you're LK!
2. Thanks dude
1. no thx
2. k
by Hotboy101 September 06, 2004
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