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Kid who used to play TFC for CBEL and play in an anoying but worryingly efective way.
Didnt play as much when we went to CS probably cos it wasnt frantic enuff for him and he only had a shity 56k
Come back when the UK reaches 1980.
CBELLiwooo built a sentry in a fucked up place.
CBELLiwooo kill you.
by [CBEL]WIDO June 05, 2004
He who must not be asked a forbidden question.
Are you going out with ******* liwooo?
by Dave Reptile October 24, 2003
a man who likes to wax himself before endulging in masturbation.
stop waxing ya damn ass and wanking on my lawn son!
by jack gannaway July 31, 2003
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