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LIUS: Love Is an Under Statement

The feeling greater than love itself
Spoken to an individual who makes you feel greater than you have ever felt and with every thought of them comes a smile, then a warm feeling of a comfortable bliss.
The moment i first say you i was in lius with you.
by JA$ON!! August 06, 2006
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short for "looking it up", "look it up", etc
I have no idea, let me liu
by elliojojo July 27, 2006
In Chinese it means the number (six). The name comes from a character in the opera Turandot. (One of the best operas ever!) It is commonly used as a Chinese last name. Anyone with Liu as their first name is the koolest. Especially if it is followed by a Lebanese last name. Whoop! Whoop!
Nick name/ Long names (because you cant possibly shorten Liu: Example L, Li, Lu) Liusi Liudities, Liuchi, Liuasoris (haha).
by Liu N September 25, 2008
A person who hangs out near the computer all day, often saying 'meh', and '...' alot. beware when cranky.
"who's that guy near the computer?" "oh, he's just a liu"
by Charles Wan February 18, 2010
Look It Up
Internet troll:

Oh wow, I don't know what most of the commonly accepted jargon is on this forum - can someone tell me what every conversation means so that I can interrupt?

Moderator: LIU.

Scenario 2:

Intern (via instant message): What does "ERP" mean?

Employer: LIU.
by nomoreuselessquibbling July 11, 2008
An asian word for 6 also a fairly uncommon name.
Liu's are usally decent friends but can be stubborn due to the compensation for their tight vag/ 2 inch penis. They interact with skinny niggers who bad talk them about not being "fresh"
Ashley: Hey look it's your friend liu

Tyrone: Ha friend! that thing?
by mitch blueburg October 11, 2010
Short for "Light it up", and meaning to light up and smoke marijuana. Pronounced as "Loo".
Alex "Tim, liu!"
Tim "Sounds good man"
by Timmage December 25, 2008

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