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Shes the most fucking attractive girl! Shes the most kindest girl in the world! She's an asshole but sweet. She will do what ever to put a smile on your face when your sad.she her self has on of the best smiles, if you ever see her smile you will smile to. It's the most beautiful smile you have ever seen. She will never let you slip away from her fingers if she truly loves you. Litzy is really love able, she's inpatient at times but she's a goof. She's the type of person that will put a smile in your face. Her smile makes everything ok. She makes you feel warmth, loved.Litzy will look deep into your eyes and tell you she loves you. She cares a lot about her friends, family. She makes you feel loved. She shows you the real meaning of love.She has a lot of guys all up on her but she stays true with one. People would die to go out with her.
There goes litzy! She's so cute! I wish I was her boyfriend.
by Shenene bonqusha December 21, 2013
That girl with the flawless smile and dark brown eyes with pretty eyelashes? That's Litzy. She has a lethal tongue and will chew your ass up and spit you back out. She is awkward and it makes her more adorable. She doesn't have perfect weight , skin or height, but that's what makes her special. She is beyond beautiful. If you're sad, Litzy will be there to make your day and wipe your tears. She hates being judged is kinda moody but she's worth it.she's really sensitive yet so strong. She has low self esteem but she makes other people feel good themselves. She hates immature people , but she knows how to gave fun. She's usually shy, but once she opens up to you, you won't be able to stop laughing because of how funny she is. Litzy is fucking beautiful and lovely. She has a weird personality and she usually gets along with everyone.
Litzy made my day!

I wish Litzy liked me.
by Sweggg123 February 01, 2014
Litzy is a girl that likes soccer and she is very shy at first but then when she gets used to you...woah she'll turn wild , she's really short , hates fakes looks like she can't fight but damm that girl knows how to fight , she'll always be there when you need her , she's not pretty or ugly she's alright , she keeps it real , do not fuck with her friends , whatever you do don't get her mad '
chill short soccer shy wild is that a Litzy ?
by Fammmmb October 15, 2015

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