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1) an annoying thin little boy who tries to brag about being the best at everything

2) an extremely small penis that is unable to function properly in pleasing females or males
1) he think's he's great, but really, he's just a little pecker

2) damn, i don't even feel this little pecker

by Big Pimpin in the Hood August 10, 2005
1. (Noun) A person who is foreign, usually russian, and has a small penis.
2. (Adjective) A way of saying someone has a small penis without saying it directly.
3. (Noun) Someones real name.
1. That stupid Russian has a littlepecker.
2. Go away Littlepecker
3. Hi, my name is Littlepecker
by Silly July 20, 2003
amazing. yet, a douche at the same time. he's a really good friend to anyone. unless well you're a dumb trick. haha , he makes me laugh when i try to be mad at him. you can never stay mad at him for more then 10 seconds. he's my bestfriend. i like him a lot, he may not realize it but i do. (: but , oh well. gonna go hit me up some facebook. peace dumb trick. (:
Pulling an all-nighter with Little Pecker. (:
by sarah cracker dog May 11, 2011
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