Political and whimsical, influential and controversial blog entirely designed and run by Charles Johnson. Famously flipped from center-right to center-left in the aftermath of the 2008 US elections, alienating many of its traditional readers and allies either in an attempt to maintain a rational, centrist outlook or else to remain patriotic and loyal to whichever party holds office.
I made a few death threats and my account got deleted, but I just read a comment by someone who thinks women should be able to abort their rape pregnancies, an actual child-killer, and his account is still there! Little Green Footballs sure ain't what I thought it was, I'm going back to NASCAR and the KKK.
by DeV100 January 16, 2011
a psychotic anti-Islam, anti-liberal, anti-free speech blog for the sick and twisted minions of evil, a.k.a. neo-cons. So if you are opposed to dissent among the peoples, go there and stay the hell away from me you bastards!
Billy Bob: Son, now we kill them damned moonbats. BITCH, FETCH THE SHOTGUN!
Sally Jean: Yes'um.
by Militant Liberal April 29, 2005
Forum for aspiring Neo Cons. If you passionately despise Arabs, Muslims, Muslims, Muslims, China, Russia, Muslims, a free press, informed debate, Europeans, Muslims, or Democrats this is the place for you.

Q: How does an LGFer commit suicide?

A: They pile up all their hate and jump off.
Little Green Footballs - never knowingly informed.
by Adult Male Blue Grouse January 13, 2005
Anti-Muslim hate site.
LGF is a sectarian website for bigots.
by justice for the liberty January 28, 2005
What you get when you pick your nose and roll it into a ball and flick it.

The name of a website of nosepickers and snot flingers.
I flicked a litte green football at my comptuter screen.
by AusDog September 22, 2004

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