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One of the most popular, left leaning political blog sites with over 125k visitors per day. The site is maintained by Atrios aka. Duncan Black, an ex-economist turned media consultant.
Have you visted Eschaton or DailyKos lately?
by ladder August 16, 2005
GWB's choice for the Supreme Court to replace Sandra O'Connor. An extremely intelligent yet cunning conservative who appears to have been planning for the bench all his life by hiding his true beliefs and intentions. To the delight of the conservatives, Roberts appears to be anti-choice and pro-religion. It's highly likely that Robert will be the key to overturning Roe v. Wade in the future.
Bush picked John Roberts because the later has little track record for pundits to analyze and take apart.
by ladder August 16, 2005
Princeton Economic Prof who also happens to be the most popular columnist for the New York Times. Krugman is a recipient of the Clark medal, which is the awarded to the most outstanding economist in the US under age 40. Once considered to be a possible future Nobel Prize recipient for previous works done on international monetary policies, Krugman instead became one of the leading voices in the " liberal media " against GWBush at a time when the press was too afraid to criticize the government.
Very few people on the right can make successful arguments against Paul Krugman.
by ladder August 16, 2005
The current most prolific political blog on the internet with some 1.5 million visitors each week. The owner of the liberal blog is Marko Moulitsas, one of the few veterans in the blog world.
Check out DailyKos latest piece on Roberts!
by ladder August 16, 2005
A popular political blogsite dedicated to the Israeli cause. The blog is maintained by a Charles Johnson, who is a CA web designer turned political pundit. Although Johnson himself have never used any racial slurs on his blog, the majority of the voices in the comments section are indeed very much racist.
Those who enjoy bashing Arabs and nuking Europe would certain enjoy LGF.
by ladder August 16, 2005
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