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A woman that makes your heart skip a beat, leave you hanging off your seat, and makes chills run down your spine with a simple look into her eyes...
Nurse! Help! Lisette just stopped another heart...
by 619Speedy November 17, 2009
the best fcuken bitch in the world.
she has soo many friends its unbelievable.
ohh yeah;she loves spaghetti :D
Look at Lisette.
by sals sister May 24, 2008
a person who is full of themself
and thinks very highly of themselves. the worst part is you cant help but love them
that person is a lisette
by apersonwhocaresaboutu July 10, 2008
This is a dutch word meaning a clenched butthole. It is pronouced 'lie-set'
It is usually used in a sexual context, but also as an insult.

'Can I see your lisette?'
by Ceri&Abigail March 03, 2008
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