Adj.Smart Ass or nerd.
Nerd:5x45of 56 divided by the hologram of personification during 360 degrees of farenheit....
by NotThePwnerer August 17, 2006
Top Definition
lisa actually does have a catchphrase but it's hard to recognise..she often says "If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room"
the smartest 8 year old in springfield
by truthalways February 11, 2005
Smartest and most complex member of the Simpson family. One of the few Simpsons characters lacking a catchphrase.
Simpsons episodes featuring Lisa Simpsons as the main character are often more emotionally resonant than those featuring other characters.
by WWW.FOOLED-MOMMY.TK October 14, 2004
Person that is very morally aware and politically correct, especially that which is among people whos morals are distinctly lacking.
"Lets go throw my mum's jewellery at cars while wearing no pants and playing Fuck The Police on my stolen stereo."
"No thats morally wrong."
"I hate you Lisa."
by JesusWritesPunkSongs January 24, 2005
The only character in "The Simpsons" that takes the fun out of everything that Homer and Bart do. Teamed with Marge, any episode revolving around these two can be dismissed as a waste of time and thus, Matt Groening should be kicked in the face for creating these characters' horrible personalities.
Fan1: Dude! Did you see that episode when Homer had the huge BBQ in his back yard?

Fan2: Isn't that when Lisa became a vegitarian and runied the whole outing?

Fan1: Yeah... Stupid Lisa...
by Someone you think you know August 08, 2005
the hottest 8 year old in the world.
i would love to fuck her hard in every whole
god i want to fuck lisa simpson
by lisa fucker November 15, 2007
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