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lipquid lip-kwid - noun: The vaginal secretions of an aroused female and/or the byproduct of the rare act of female ejaculation, in which during an orgasm, the vagina squirts (with great force and velocity) a stream of clear fluid from the para urethral region. This clear and unpleasant spritz often contains within it traces of urine--depending on the last time the female urinated--causing many ill-advised women to be embarrassed by the act, believing they had giving their partners a golden shower.

Obviously, a play on the word liquid.
Guy in the corner: I fucked that black chick last night, and the bitch got her lipquid all over my couch. It wreaked of cat pee for 3 days AND left a crusty stain!!!

Guy with chronic meth mouth: Man you trippin. I love me some pussy snot!
#squirter #gusher #pussy punch #lady juice #snactch snot
by tonybland January 18, 2011
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