1. Probably the reason you were born in the 80's outside of cocaine. Singer, Composer, just amazing performer. He was with the Commodores in the 70's.

2. To call up a blind girl and when she picks up the phone. You sing to her, "Hello, is it me your looking for?" and then hang up the phone. Why? I don't know. It's in his music video.
Biggie be Richie like Lionel, shiiiii.

Say you..say me...

Man, I wish there were still payphones around here. I'd totally Lionel Richie that blind girl.
by danger m July 09, 2010
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Man who sang "All night long". Very interesting song. African beat.
I listened to all night long by lionel richie all night long while I was doing the dirty all night long.
by melody curl September 03, 2006
Being Bitchy!
That chick was SO Lionel Richie she deserves a kick in her vag.
She was being Lionel Richie!
She was doing a Lionel!
by GmanDownUnder September 16, 2010

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