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A women who is mentally fragile - she is on her way to a break down.
That chick has just hit 30 and like all chicks that hit 30 and are single she is desperately looking for a bloke and is very on edge, she could melt down any moment - she is such a tow truck.
by GmanDownUnder September 16, 2010
Remembering what you had for dinner the night before, whilst having a shit.
Last night you had a really hot curry and the next morning on the toilet you have such ring sting that it jolts your memory into remembering what you ate the night before, therefore giving birth to a memory turd straight out of your raw ass.
by GmanDownUnder September 14, 2010
Being Bitchy!
That chick was SO Lionel Richie she deserves a kick in her vag.
She was being Lionel Richie!
She was doing a Lionel!
by GmanDownUnder September 16, 2010

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