pubic hair
you should really shave your lint
by lintshaver lindsay January 10, 2011
To call for something to be played again during a game (esp. tennis). Usually said repeatedly and excitedly until someone gets slapped.
Wimbledon Umpire: Lint!
Guy: Did that guy just say Net... or Lint.
Guy 2: Net, ovbiously!
by Jackelrayn June 27, 2006
Used to describe someone or something that is useless.

An insult.
You’re not even the lint on the 50-year-old doormat on my great grandmothers back porch!
by Wennie July 13, 2004
Something that is boring;awful;shit
I hate going to school because its so lint
by SLAM February 06, 2003
common word for money, something you spend
Damn, that chain cost hella lint.
Dude, that guy has so much lint.
by kwoka January 27, 2005

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