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When a girl give an uncircumcised man a blow job and the foreskin has underwear lint trapped in the foreskin.
Patty when I gave Marvin a blow job lastnight it tasted like licking the lint trap of the dryer!
by DropkickO April 15, 2010
5 2
When the hair around ones anus that collects fecal matter.
Doood my lint trap is so full of dingle berries.
by goldielocks0326 July 27, 2009
1 2
the upper crack of the arse, usually visible when one's trousers are descending off the hip, which is readily accessible to the accumulation of lint and other undesirable particulate.
When I bent over to fix the sink, my wife informed me that my lint trap was highly visible, and that aside from the lint that I was packing, that I ought to reconsider going into the bathroom and wiping my ass another 7 times.
by weave August 12, 2003
11 12