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An internet link or linking somebody on AIM to send something.
Give me a damned link to the site bizzatch.
by Erik Wint February 14, 2005
According to Hayden, it is defined as a person too anorexic and looks straight out of the holocaust. Plus a little tall
If that girl was a little more hot and a little less linky i would totally hit that -Hayden

What the fuck? -Ian

Shhh dont worry about it. - Hayden
by Ian Incinerate March 16, 2009
(noun, derived from the German word "links", meaning left)

1. To make a left turn.
Since Jeff's bike has no brakes, he made a linky to the bushes to stop himself.
by The Avenue Majestic May 02, 2011
a black chick who is the biggest loser of all time and shes not ghetto at all, she stole an ipod and says she bought it. linky u know who this be.
linky link u's a dummy, shut up
by jake and joe May 09, 2005
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