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Being so fucked up that the only things that make sense are titties and techno. See linder for indentity of the man that brought this legend to life.
After 14 grams of cocaine and a fifth of Whiskey, I was lindered enough to fuck that fat slut I met at City Club.
by Denis Baldwin December 19, 2003
/adj./ Intoxicated to the point of impairment of both physical and mental faculties, yet still being able to get it up and rock the fuck out for hours.
"If things go as planned, I'm getting lindered and and claiming a few goth sluts virginity."
by 313 May 27, 2003
when tom linder buys you a drink after youre already way too wasted.
i got lindered on my 21st birthday
by tree May 09, 2004
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