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4 definitions by 313

Placing ones penis on a girls face so it rests straight down the bridge of her nose.
Lay down with your head off the side of the bed so I can give you the viking helmet.
by 313 October 23, 2004
34 13
/adj./ Intoxicated to the point of impairment of both physical and mental faculties, yet still being able to get it up and rock the fuck out for hours.
"If things go as planned, I'm getting lindered and and claiming a few goth sluts virginity."
by 313 May 27, 2003
8 2
/noun/ A Detroit DJ who knows how to party and often rocks doubles with 12 inches of his own. a.k.a.-T. Linder. (see also: Lindered)
"Dude, did you catch Linder's set last night?"
by 313 May 27, 2003
16 12
A tight knit group of friends; similar to dawgs
"What's up my puppies?"
"Where my puppies at?"
by 313 September 08, 2004
12 37