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he has a limp dick hence he is unable to fuck his wife
by johnson August 03, 2003
176 56
Lady pimp, opposite gimp a women that is beautiful and attracts all the men and doesnt use them for her own sexual enjoyment and only goes as far as kissing on the first date usually wears hollister and also a really good and experianced kisser.
loves the male sex normally straight but could have signs of being bi.
john:shes a whore
jeff:no shes a limp
john:whats a limp?
jeff:a girl that is a lady pimp but isnt a whore and doesnt use guys for sexual enjoyment.
by chuck norris's fist August 10, 2009
6 14
A female P.i.m.p who is able to control men at her own will
Ally is a L.I.M.P., and is able to fuck all the younger guys
by tobascofox January 21, 2009
3 12
too much time on ones hands
he was simply limpin'
by jerk October 02, 2003
6 27
1)n.A transfusion of the words Lover and Pimp. Shortened to love pimp and ending up as LIMP !
2)v. The act of Loving your pimp
Invented by your favorite Drucker, Liza
1)Jed is my Limp on Sundays but is otherwise my ex-Limp
by Liza D March 16, 2003
4 27
Politically correct substitute for the word "gay" when used in a derogatory way but not actually referring to homosexuality.
That movie was limp.
by Dkal February 23, 2004
14 39
When you are really stoned and somebody tries to wake you up, and make you move, but you are REALLY don't want to move from your place, the answer should be: "Leave me In My Pillow!!!!"
Yuval, leave me in my pillow (LIMP)!!!
by Magic Gnome November 11, 2006
8 36
limp could be part of the name of the better band in the world. LIMP BIZKIT
LIMP BIZKIT is better than everyone
by Diegodiego November 24, 2006
1 34