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When something is easy to accompish or takes little effort, when it should be hard

Originally from cycling when it appears you can cycle with no effort, i.e there is 'no chain' needed to turn the pedals
SammyA "Yo bruv, i need to pick up me dole, but the queue is large!"

Ed McD "No chain player, the lady works on the desk, i'll hook you up"
by MikeP_London February 13, 2008
When you look at a girl and she is quite fit for an ugly bird, just like celebrity Lilly Allen
Whilst cruising in the pimped out Nova, SammyA spys a pair of ladies shaking all they have on the pavement...

SammyA "Geez Ed, i don't fancy yours much!"
Ed McD "I know what you mean playa, but i think she's a bit Lilly Allen"
by MikeP_London March 01, 2008
When playing pool or snooker, when only a power shot will do.
SammyA "Yo Busta, this ain't no time for the sexy shots, you gotta give that some shoulder!"

Ed McD "I hear you soldier, i'm taking you down to Chinatown"
by MikeP_London February 27, 2008

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