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Some hata that hates bow wow and think he cool that he tried to take over columbia bow wow's spot dumb bitch!
Girl i hate you you just a lil j!
by Andrew July 24, 2003

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An extremely hot guy with a massive dick (14 inches!) and sort of like a ninja because he is sooooooooooo awsome, all the ladies want him and all the men want to be him!
woman:Hey look at lilj over there, he is sooooooooooo hot i want him inside of me!
Woman2: Not before me bitch!
by gizooogle November 14, 2010
White rapper who's flows sound similar to Wu Tang.
"No harmony in song, you only spit chords. A dragon spits fire, and I spit swords." -Lil' J

"If you catch me in the street you'll find yourself in defeat your eyes weeping. Fake niggas on the track sleeping. I'm the Glock 9 Popper the heart beat stopper. The 8-0-8 beat bass on your face knocker." -Lil' J
by Kle-Pac May 04, 2009