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White rapper who's flows sound similar to Wu Tang.
"No harmony in song, you only spit chords. A dragon spits fire, and I spit swords." -Lil' J

"If you catch me in the street you'll find yourself in defeat your eyes weeping. Fake niggas on the track sleeping. I'm the Glock 9 Popper the heart beat stopper. The 8-0-8 beat bass on your face knocker." -Lil' J
by Kle-Pac May 04, 2009
An extremely hot guy with a massive dick (14 inches!) and sort of like a ninja because he is sooooooooooo awsome, all the ladies want him and all the men want to be him!
woman:Hey look at lilj over there, he is sooooooooooo hot i want him inside of me!
Woman2: Not before me bitch!
by gizooogle November 14, 2010
Some hata that hates bow wow and think he cool that he tried to take over columbia bow wow's spot dumb bitch!
Girl i hate you you just a lil j!
by Andrew July 24, 2003
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