a term used by baked people across allied gardens san carlos and del cerro. it can be used to express excitement, disappointment, and also as an exclamation.
person a: you broke my bong...like that!!!

person b: o fersure dude...mb

person c: its like that?

person a: pretty sure! wheres alex eugene?
by fersurely August 07, 2011
Top Definition
A term used in DC for something thats good, or the shit
"Yo son that blunt was like that"
by Darius jenkins May 28, 2006
West Coast expression - That's the way it is.
Im going and its like that.
by TheRealMARTyPARTy July 17, 2008
a hat that is not flattering at all to the wearer, but the wearer insist upon keeping it anyways.
Jane's liket hat was so ugly that her friend were planning to steal and burn it.
by Joshua Holland September 03, 2004
some weird way of saying something is awesome, primarily used by homosexual black people or black people who think they are really ghetto. used primarily on the east coast of the united states.
You see that guys body, it was like that cuz.

those new armani jeans, they are like that!
by jcolekidd553 November 07, 2011
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