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the part of san diego that will never amount to anything.
AG is the shittiest place ever.
AG kids think they're so cool,
when in reality,
they're all nothing but a bunch of pussies
who have nothing better to do than complain about SC.
SC will always be better than AG,
and thats something those little pussy AG kids are going to have to accept.
Allied Gardens kid #1-man. we're such pussies. we wont even go to SC even though we say we're gonna kick their asses all the time.

Allied Gardens kid #2-i know man. too bad when we DO go to SC, we get murdered in every fight, cause we cant fight for shit.

BOTH kids;we're such pussies.
by katoes. August 22, 2008
Suberb of San Diego, CA.

Places of interest: The AG Park, Fosters Freeze, The ally behind the old Taco Bell and the present Fast Break, The stairs at the Moe-Moe church, Base ball Field.

Facts: Better then San Carlos, Better then Santee.
Allied Gardens is where I am from.
by San Man November 10, 2004
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