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1. to lift one's shirt in order to provide access to the anus, ready for penetration.
That guy is a clear-cut lifter, look at his outrageous fashion sense, hear his gay tongue and look at the way he he has a cock in his mouth!!!!
by nevvy_nsw_08 May 23, 2008
1.Someone that steals goods from shops - a thief a (shop)lifter
2.A weightlifter.
1.Winona Ryder
2.Arnold Schwarzenegger (he is no politician!)
by Brendan October 02, 2003
1) Person who briefly takes his foot off the accelerator pedal at a moment where it is not called for. Person will usually fiercly deny the lifting.

2) Generally, half hearted person who does something wrong and/or uncool.
Timmy lifted through Eau Rouge fo shizzle.

Just look at this bloke carrying a manbag, what a lifter!
by PW January 04, 2005
Term from Maguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh Northern Ireland, used mainly to refer to mephedrone but can also refer to other stimulants that are insufflated.
Ya want a wee lifter?
by elliftogrande September 14, 2010
Shoes with large heels worn by a person to make themself look taller.
Look that little guy is wearing lifters to make themsely look over 5'.
by Blue Knight April 22, 2003
A person who attempts to enrich others' lives by telling them who to hang out with/ what to wear/ what to say/ what not to say.
"Don't do that! It's bad for your image! You'll thank me later." "What a lifter."
by cassper August 23, 2007
A serial killer who only kills inside elevators.
To Lift; to kill someone in a lift.
To be Lifted; to be killed inside a lift.
"Hey, did you hear that Lifters have their own website now? , Its called going up baby or something."
by yoyo johnson February 11, 2007