If you are feeling better than good, better than amazing, better than UBER AWESOME!...Your LIFTED!
Enzl3y: Hey, Lauren how are you today?

Lauren: Im ok, and you?

Enzl3y: ME? lol....Im feeling LIFTED!
by ENZL3Y November 12, 2009
Top Definition
v. High; under the influence of a controlled substance.
School's out! C'mon, let's go get lifted!
by The Grammar Nazi June 16, 2002
this is when you smoked a few blunts, and you high as hell.
we was blowin so lovely today, im lifted as hell
by shawnice July 09, 2006
To be high on weed. From the Wu-Tang song M.E.T.H.O.D. Man.
I gat fat bags of skunk, I got white owl blunts, and I'm about to go get lifted, yes I'm about to go get lifted.
by A.C. Sativa June 03, 2013
under the influence of a drug, normally marijuana.
"dude i am SO lifted right now"
"me too dude."
"wanna roll another one?"
"Yeah I'd dabble."
by dramaticartist23 December 21, 2013
the feeling of elation or flawless bliss. raised up to weighlessness and carefree living.
got me lifted, feelin so gifted... suga suga how you get so fly
by thee radical elcectic September 15, 2006
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