In Jamican dialect, used to refer to a condom
You waan deh wid me, you have you life jacket?
by yamman1989 September 04, 2008
Top Definition
When a chick comes up behind you, clothed or unclothed, and her boobs rest over your shoulders and around your neck resembling an emergency life-vest.
While trapped in a cave, Grant stayed alive by falling asleep in the security and warmth of his best friend's lifejacket; even though it was a little gay.
by cowtipn January 23, 2007
A protective device that you put on before you Motorboat a woman with ample cans. Also a visual aid to display your intent to said woman.
Ben, bored with two cats in the bath tub, buckled up his life jacket and dove into a hearty set of knockers head first.
by thed00d! October 11, 2008
One who thinks he's good at writing music but writes poor lyrics cannot sing, thus looking ridiculous to anyone who doesn't eat their ass.
Whose up next?
Oh you know, Lifejacket.
Oh fuck, not again!
by Lifejacket April 25, 2006
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