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it sucks ass, and god should end it
fuck life it sux an egg
by ddd December 23, 2004
To proceed to attempt to obtain and width-hold enough information to define the word "universe" as clearly and deeply as possible.
Mathematics and Scientific research is the key to having a successful life.
by Skott October 15, 2004
life=forever yet forever=life but if you live life then you die then forever isnt very long... and if you tell someone or you think that your going to love them "forever" then your not going to love them for very long so dont say i will love you forever just say you will love them as long as you possibly can.....
i thought i would love tyler forever but then i thought that forever isnt very long so i think i will love him as long as i can or mabe till the end of time im not sure yet...?

i wish you(tyler) would love me like i love you
by meranda December 22, 2003
See hell or fucking
You try to tell me u love life, then find another way to kill life
by WARISGOOD May 19, 2003
Ok. Im Lazee and am like... not very good at spelling so heer iz my few definitions of the thing that 1 ov my friends hate. Firstly, Its a state ov mind that iz alot ez-r 2 handl wen u dont kare!!! Nextly, Meaninglessness in the mind of those who A) stalk G-friend/B-friend B) Hate Being in the world but are not krazee enuff 2 kill own selvs or C) thoze hoo r dead inside. Lastly and most importantly, A disease that iz bestowed on u by the action of birth and hooz only cure iz to die after a hard and sad life.
Life=death while Death=life
by enemyofsociety13 June 14, 2009
LIFE is a kick ass cereal made for people who are friends of the hooka
today i had life for breakfast
by evan corzine March 17, 2005
(see conspiracy)
(see above)
by Michael F. December 23, 2003