uh...i don't know
"so what are you doing tonight?"
by bob June 18, 2003
A prefix to the word 'sucks' used by Blog-Junkies and goths (same thing).
"Life sucks."
"Life's a b*********ch, then you D*e!!!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 17, 2003
what has no other meaning then getting drunk, stoned, or laid.
life is hard! But sex, drugs, and beer make it alot easier...
Charles: dude my life suxs so bad!
bob: then go grab a beer and watch the game...

Cindy: OMG i got to study for so many test tommorow, i'm overwhelmed with school work!
John: Come to my place and lets get stoned, and then have sex, and forget everything that happened.
Cindy: wow thats alot easier!
by Roberto Presley December 06, 2007
Synonym for awesome, score, sweet, etc.

"Life! No school today!"

"Oh, so that's what it's for. Life!"
by maaan June 25, 2006
Synonomous with poop
Jim: How's life treatin ya?
Me: Fuck you, life's a big steamy pile of poop that won't flush
by Nettled October 20, 2003
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