what has no other meaning then getting drunk, stoned, or laid.
life is hard! But sex, drugs, and beer make it alot easier...
Charles: dude my life suxs so bad!
bob: then go grab a beer and watch the game...

Cindy: OMG i got to study for so many test tommorow, i'm overwhelmed with school work!
John: Come to my place and lets get stoned, and then have sex, and forget everything that happened.
Cindy: wow thats alot easier!
#hell #drugs #sex #beer #amazing
by Roberto Presley December 06, 2007
Synonym for awesome, score, sweet, etc.

"Life! No school today!"

"Oh, so that's what it's for. Life!"
#life #awesome #score #sweet #lumpkin
by maaan June 25, 2006
Synonomous with poop
Jim: How's life treatin ya?
Me: Fuck you, life's a big steamy pile of poop that won't flush
by Nettled October 20, 2003
To be an organism with an almost supernaturally complex chemical-biological system.

To be sentient.

A period of time that an organism is
biologically active.
by waffle October 03, 2003
a fatal disease.
everyone with life dies eventually..
by sapass May 25, 2003
A meaningless torture. Giving us an unavoidable destination

of our deepest fear, and giving us the intelligence to foresee it.
Despair of humanity...LIFE
#death #living #lyfe #being #torture
by Like A G6 January 07, 2013
to Life
verb: to slander, down talk, or give a uncalled for amount of shit to another person, for some small or meaningless reason

other uses: to life, getting lifed, lifing someone
dude 1: so my damn teacher totally fuckin lifed me in front of the whole class today
dude 2: i know he's a dick but why the hell would he life you like that?
dude 1: i dont know, i guess cuz i was late, but it was only like 30 damn seconds
#lifing #lifed #slander #life #life-ee #life-er
by gergle November 12, 2008
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