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Life is rigged. :/
I declare shenanigans!
by vigilant observer April 17, 2005
8 13
An often exaggerated, misinterperated and over used word.

Life's ACTUAL meaning is to eat eggs. Thus completing lifes beautiful cycle.

I'm sorry, I'm very tired..
Abigail McFrogmudgritker: "Oh isn't life cruel!??"
Samuel H Stevanerankop: "No you bitch, shit off you tit. Get on with eating my balls you wank licker."
by Hugh September 07, 2004
3 8
unfair, injustice, often own by people who are rich and good-looking.
gem789: dam i have no life..
fren: cos ur not rich and good-looking.
by gem798 March 28, 2007
0 6
You should crawl out of your cave and get one.
"Go get a life you lifeless person!"
by That Bum June 03, 2005
5 11
A code word for a girl's period. No one wants to use such an ugly word like "period".
Man, my life sucks right now; I'm overflowing with joy.
by CDUB February 17, 2005
2 8
it sucks ass, and god should end it
fuck life it sux an egg
by ddd December 23, 2004
11 17
To proceed to attempt to obtain and width-hold enough information to define the word "universe" as clearly and deeply as possible.
Mathematics and Scientific research is the key to having a successful life.
by Skott October 15, 2004
1 7