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Hell..I dont know...There is no definition for this word...I have never discovered the meaning
Just a lost cause..another word stuck in my damn head because of this DICK tionary
by DrDatokerJ May 09, 2003
Life is rigged. :/
I declare shenanigans!
by vigilant observer April 17, 2005
An often exaggerated, misinterperated and over used word.

Life's ACTUAL meaning is to eat eggs. Thus completing lifes beautiful cycle.

I'm sorry, I'm very tired..
Abigail McFrogmudgritker: "Oh isn't life cruel!??"
Samuel H Stevanerankop: "No you bitch, shit off you tit. Get on with eating my balls you wank licker."
by Hugh September 07, 2004
unfair, injustice, often own by people who are rich and good-looking.
gem789: dam i have no life..
fren: cos ur not rich and good-looking.
by gem798 March 28, 2007
You should crawl out of your cave and get one.
"Go get a life you lifeless person!"
by That Bum June 03, 2005
A code word for a girl's period. No one wants to use such an ugly word like "period".
Man, my life sucks right now; I'm overflowing with joy.
by CDUB February 17, 2005
it sucks ass, and god should end it
fuck life it sux an egg
by ddd December 23, 2004