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When your phone or tablet indicates that you are connected to a wireless network, however you are still unable to load webpages or use any internet services with your device
Person 1: Can you get any wi-fi here?

Person 2: No, it says I'm connected but it's really just lie-fi
by NewspaperTragedy January 03, 2016
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A wifi network that has no functioning Internet connection.
My iPhone is connected to the BUBBLES network but it can't send this belated birthday email to my girlfriend. This connection must be lie-fi. Argh!
#wifi #iphone #network #internet #blackberry
by hellatainer December 13, 2008
WiFi network that only seems to to be available, but won't connect, or connect and won't provide anything
the free WiFi that should have been on this hotel is just a LieFi
#ethernet #iphone #wifi #wireless #internet
by Ofer_G March 29, 2010
When any Wi-Fi connection is so poor that its tantamount to having no Wi-Fi at all.
Man, I'm never travelling with Greyhound again! They had Lie-Fi in their buses and their stations.
#internet #wi-fi #ethernet #wifi #internet connection
by Muhammad August 07, 2015
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