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A bodyboarder. ussualy who is actualy good and not just those 3 year olds that hang around in the whitewash (same with old peopl)
Bob: So Your a Surfer?
Josh: Na Im A Lidder.


Dave: Hey man how was your surfin?
Sam: shit man, way to many lidders
by chapters March 03, 2006
Man lost in snowstorm.
My snowmobile broke, now I'm gonna die here like a fucking lidder!
by Joel Silver July 24, 2010
Lidder origins come from lidders.
i.e a person or persons who put lids on containers in a factory or workshop.
Minimal brain effort required.
Thus making them a div or muppet.
It is not very common.
Relative of Filler
You are a lidder.
They are a bunch of lidders.
Dont be a lidder.
by solventnoize January 16, 2004
this is another word for a Div, plonker, muppet an insult that not many people know therefore making it more fun :O)
you are a Lidder
by Sam November 26, 2003